Monday, 23 June 2014

MDP Foundation Empowers Youth Through Balanced Life Programs

HOUSTON, USA — In our goal to train and mentor the youth to live a life of balance, service and values, we help them build confidence by introducing new life skills to combat social ills and vices. Through the years, we have reached out and served several youth groups; those who are serving the community, religious youth ministry, and in the education sector. 

The MDP Foundation and in collaboration with an NGO, 'Bonding Against Adversity, Incorporated' in Aldine District in Houston  shared the same objective to educate and empower the youth. A Teen Summit has been organized and was attended by the 7th and 8th grade students of Hambrick Middle School. The goal of the summit is to equip these teens with tools so that they can make better decisions and stay out of trouble during the summer vacation period. 

On June 3, the students in 7th grade (boys) and 8th grade (girls), participated on the first day of the summit. Bip Vasquez, our MDPF Global Director delivered an interactive talk on the topic "Tools to Manage Emotions". This includes the introduction of the internal-stamina exercises of the "Just BE alive program. 

Bip Vasquez giving a talk to the students at Hambrick Middle School

On June 4, the second day of the summit, Bip Vasquez delivered the same topic to the second batch of 7th and 8th grade students. They also learned various topics such as  early teen pregnancy, STDs and HIV, decision making., etc.

In the summit one of the girls shared a testimonial that she was not expecting to feel anything in particular, but she mentioned that the 15-minute breathing and visualization techniques made her feel  lighter and rejuvenated. Before, she used to experience drowsiness and tiredness, but she felt the clarity of her mind and emotions thereafter. 

MDP Foundation is committed to provide the best solutions to combat social-ills and vices mostly among the youths. Through our Youth Empowerment program, we continue to serve as health advocate -- promoting balanced health, and attainment of good-virtues among young people; which is considered to be one of the important factors in community-building. 

Saturday, 21 June 2014

MDP Foundation Advocates Balanced Health Strategies Through wellLIFE Program

HOUSTON, USA  In the second quarter of 2014, the MDP Foundation reached out to several educational institutions to share the wellLIFE program to the members of the faculty, parents and their kids. This empowering program aims to transform people's lives through health education by bringing the best tools and techniques to achieve balanced health and live their greatest lives.  

On April 9, a group of 20 parents in Spring Woods Middle School have benefited from the Just BE alive and Just BE free programs. Upon the evaluation of Bip Vasquez, our MDPF Global director, the parents reported immediate revitalization from the internal-stamina exercises and breathing techniques. In the future, we will continue to work with them by giving other vital programs to empower their health and wellbeing. 

well LIFE Program in Spring Woods Middle School on April 9, 2014

On April 24, a lecture for stress and fatigue management was conducted for parents at Hambrick Middle School in Aldine District, Houston. Over 20 parents and children participated and reported immediate release of stress and worries after practicing techniques for 15 minutes.

MDP Foundation will continue working with groups of parents at Aldine District, in collaboration with Bonding Against Adversity, Inc. The goal is to have a sustainable impact in the health of the people in this community and to have an improved relationships between parents and children.

wellLIFE program in Hambrick Middle School in Houston

At MDP Foundation, we are teaching minds and touches hearts to people of all ages. For partnering with educational institutions, we have shared to them strategies to empower their students, as well as the parents and teachers. The knowledge gained will enable them to help other people to spread the word about the virtue of good health; and in return we are creating a community of healthy citizens living in a balanced way. 

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Transforming Lives Through BE Well Science Program

PAMPANGA, Philippines  It has been 3 months since we started to do community immersion in a village in San Pablo, Mexico in Central Luzon Region. We did several introductory seminars and full-time seminar-workshops in this place. Since then, over 300 people have witnessed the program and they have shown interest to learn what it has to offer them in terms of good health and overall wellness. 

Since March, we started to conduct the strategic planning to do an immersion with the goal of introducing health programs to help them live their greatest lives. The goal has been met in empowering the lives of some residents through learning of several programs like the Just BEalive, JustBEfree and BE Well Science. 

In April and May, we have collaborated with some program organizers and served the local charismatic group in Angeles City and they benefited from fast revitalization from exercises and deep breathing techniques of the Just BEalive. 

On April 29, the first program in BE Well Science Program-basic level  was conducted to empower the residents to use energy medicine technique in healing oneself, their family and others who may need it. The program was proven to be effective in relieving minor health issues and complications and mostly in dealing with stress and fatigue, sleep issues and health problems among women.

2nd batch of BE Well Science on June 10, 2014 in San Pablo, Mexico, Pampanga

On June 10, in a village in San Pablo, another BE Well Science Program was conducted for the second batch of the residents. Through word-of-mouth and positive testimonials from the previous participants, some residents registered to learn the program. 

Through BE Well Science, they have learned how human energy system works and the ability of the body to heal using different energy centers and energy colors projected to body parts that needs transformation and healing. 

 June 10, 2014:  Residents learn how BE Well Science Healing Techniques

Through regular practice, energy healing skills will enable to give them the right tools and techniques to balance their health in all levels: physical, vitality, emotional, mental and spiritual. In the future, they will learn the intermediate level of healing practice that is vital to their well-being thereby producing a community of good-willed people and creating a transformational power of healing in their lives. 

Monday, 28 April 2014

MDP Foundation: Working Towards Youth Empowerment

KATHMANDU, Nepal — The MDP Foundation is working on a special program to train the youth to choose a better life of balance, service and values. We include leadership training among teenagers and young adults to build up their confidence and self-esteem  and to discover more of who they are and their capabilities to contribute to the society, thus we have the "Youth Empowerment Program" developed by Master Del Pe. 

In collaboration with Mr. Deepak Devkota, the Chairman of "Thiwos", we have successfully delivered the program to a group of about  20 youth members who are volunteers in the organization. They devote their leisure time and have provided services to more than 40 orphan children to go to school in rural areas of Nepal. 

The program also aims to develop skills necessary for the team building, project management, volunteerism or social entrepreneurship and these new life skills will help to combat social ills and vices in the community. 

Bip Vasquez, the Global Director of MDP Foundation together with the youth members of "Thiwos"
on February 11, 2014.

"All of us are really inspired by your lecture as well as the therapy. We really love to do it again with you and I came to know that some of our members are doing it in every morning.Thanks for the lovely videos and we expect possible ways to work together with MDP Foundation.” 

                                           expressed by Mr. Deepak Devkota, the Chairman of "Thiwos"

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Inspiring People to Live Their Greatest Lives

ANGELES CITY, Philippines — In the first quarter of the year, our global team of health trainers and specialists reached out several groups in different countries to influence people to live a balanced life. In the Philippines, we have done our share to collaborate with local leaders to be able to inspire them on the virtue of good health. 

Our partnership with different spiritual groups led us to spread the valuable information on health matters through our programs that are proven to be safe and effective. In the celebration of World Health Day on April 7, 2014, we have shared our health programs to the "Life Giver Charismatic Community" with over 50 members. They have experienced the good benefits of the program through the demonstration of the internal stamina exercises and breathing techniques.

Looking back to our previous immersion, the local officials and residents of San Pablo, Mexico, Pampanga is one of the recipients of our program. On their first quarterly assembly and upon collaboration with the chairman of the committee on health, we presented our program and enlighten  them on the importance of  healthy lifestyle in the absence of diseases; and also in the management of stress to prevent physiological and psychological health imbalances. 

The MDP Foundation gives hope and inspiration to the people towards living a better life through balancing life tools and techniques developed by Master Del Pe. Through active implementation of the program, we envision a community of healthy citizens who will have a positive societal contribution and that will enable them to live their greatest lives.  

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